28m MAXI Dome

Our vision with the Maxi Dome was to create a unique venue that was both portable and practical for events. With this in mind, we have achieved a structure that is easy to install and user friendly in terms of rigging, lighting, sound and audio visual equipment. One of the main attractions of the Maxi Dome is the height of the structure, which enables clients to produce creative and spectacular events, using silk acts, flown product reveals and concert set ups. The Maxi Dome is the second generation of Dome Venues and is the temporary venue of choice in South Africa for The Joy of Jazz concerts, Metro FM Awards and SABC Vuka Sizwe awards.

The Maxi Dome has recently become an internationally recognized temporary venue, with structures in South Africa, Azerbaijan and Israel.

  • The steel structure of the Maxi Dome has been designed to carry a load of 2500Kgs UDL per arch. The skins have been offset from the main structure so that ample climbing space is available for rigging. Skins are black on the inside, enabling the structure to host day events with complete black-out.
  • Glass doors have been designed with emergency push bars. These doors open up to 2.4m width and give the venue a unique open look and feel.
  • As an option, foyers can be added to extend the standard door systems.


Load capacity per arch
Wind speed
Height at apex
Internal width
External width
Dome end diameter
Bay spacing
Length *REF
Anchor detail
Duraskin weight
Duraskin fire retardancy


2500 Kg UDL
120Km/h - 75mph (sea level)
12.7 m to bottom of truss
25.7 m
28.2 m
25.7 m
5.1m (to required length)
as required - up to 69m
4000Kg max for uplift
B 1673 specification
Banquet Style: 105 x tables of 10 (1,8m Diameter)
Cinema Style: 2050 seats with 2m aislesStanding: 2000 Pax
Determined by local fire regulations

Quick Gallery

28m MAXI Dome Configuration

Dome Configuration Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Download the PDF
DOME 26 26 12 493 28 28 13 589 28m Maxi Dome 0Bay.pdf
1 BAY 31 26 12 625 33 28 13 733 28m Maxi Dome 1Bay.pdf
2 BAY 36 26 12 757 38 28 13 876 28m Maxi Dome 2Bay.pdf
3 BAY 41 26 12 889 43 28 13 1020 28m Maxi Dome 3Bay.pdf
4 BAY 46 26 12 1021 49 28 13 1164 28m Maxi Dome 4Bay.pdf
5 BAY 51 26 12 1153 54 28 13 1307 28m Maxi Dome 5Bay.pdf
6 BAY 56 26 12 1285 59 28 13 1451 28m Maxi Dome 6Bay.pdf
7 BAY 61 26 12 1417 64 28 13 1595 28m Maxi Dome 7Bay.pdf
8 BAY 67 26 12 1549 69 28 13 1738 28m Maxi Dome 8Bay.pdf

Dome Advantages

"Efficient cooling and heat extraction designs."

Dome Advantages

"Brandable exterior."

Dome Advantages

"Professional installation and professional service."

Dome Advantages

"Leveling systems for uneven surfaces."