Linda Wijnberger


Linda Wijnberger is one of the directors of In2Structures and has been with the company since its inception in 1985.

"I am proud of having participated in the change in the company direction from creative set design to the manufacture of dome structures; which sent the product international over a few years." says Linda.

This dedicated and energetic individual describes her role in the company as multilayered.... "Working on all levels between finance and admin to sales and marketing and always with success as the end goal. Of course, I also work very closely with the designer." she adds, tongue firmly in cheek.

"Our company stands for excellence, safety and adds a unique, captivating look to any event."

Dome Advantages

"Efficient cooling and heat extraction designs."

Dome Advantages

"Brandable exterior."

Dome Advantages

"Professional installation and professional service."

Dome Advantages

"Leveling systems for uneven surfaces."