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Supa Dome

Flooring systems are essential, especially when building on grass and uneven surfaces. A range of options are available including internal decking, layher decking, standard podiums or plastic clip flooring on (level) grass. We recommend that the structure is built directly onto the ground or site. In this case internal flooring is the ideal option as it diverts runoff water from the structure away from the deck.

Maxi Lite Dome

The Maxi (lite) was developed with the aim to reduce freight dimensions by 40% yet retain the load capacity of the original Maxi dome.

The high strength of the Maxi Lite is achieved by using 700 mpa steels throughout the pressed load beam and connections. Combined with the raised extrusions for easy rigging it is destined to be the venue of choice for medium sized events.

The Maxi (lite) offers an external width of 26,9 m and the apex height of 12,3 m (Internal width 24,8 m and height 11,2 m) Safe loading of 2 tons per arch at the maximum wind-load specified. Additional load arches can be added at 2 m intervals allowing a further 4 tons-imposed load.

The outer membranes are produced by Ferrari (France) which offers a 7-year warranty and can be utilized fro up to 20 years in permanent installations. The Ferrari 782 membrane is fire retardant to M2 specifications.

Midi Dome

The Midi Dome was designed for smaller events and packs down small to fit into aircraft containers. Complete with its own decking system it requires only light trucks for transport. The high strength load beams are manufactured from 700 Mpa tensile steel with 6082 grade aluminium extrusions to fit the skins. On the Midi 16 the apex height is 8 m so climb rigging is not required and the membrane extrusions form part of the load beams. Safety was an important factor in the development of the Midi Dome which is rated for wind-speeds up to 100 Km/h including load capacity of 1200 UDL per arch. The external width is 15,9 m (internal width 15,5 m) The white outer membranes (black internal) are produced by Ferrari (France) which offers a 7-year warranty. These membranes can be utilized for up to 20 years in permanent installations. The Ferrari 782 membrane is Fire retardant to M2 specification.

Available in 12m & 16m if required.

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